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​Can the Gezinsbond do something for your family?

​Who are we?

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The Flemish Family Association, or Gezinsbond, strives to make our society a family- and child-friendly place. As parents, we do everything to make sure our children can grow up in a warm and caring environment. So we think our society as a whole should do this too. That’s why we defend the interests of all families with politicians and policy makers.

What do we do for our members?

  • Supporting your family
    We have a well-developed network of babysitting services and will find one in your area if you're looking for a babysitter.  We regularly organise second-hand fairs where you can find children’s clothing, toys, books, baby goodies, etc.
  • Advice and support
    If you have some questions about your energy bills or something went wrong with a product you bought, we’re there to give you valuable advice and defend your rights as a customer. We’ll even provide legal information about topics like higher education grants, child maintenance, child benefit and student jobs.
  • Activities
    Our volunteers organise lots of activities for you and your children, also in your area. Cultural, educative, sportive and creative events a plenty!
  • Discounts
    With our discount and saving promotions in participating shops in your area, on energy, telephone and internet subscriptions or public transport, we make your life cheaper. As a member of our Association, you receive a membership card you can use to save up discounts in an online purse: as soon as you have reached 10 euro or more, you’ll receive a 10 euro voucher to use in any participating shop.
  • Magazines and publications
    We also publish several magazines with handy tips and nice-to-knows about parenting: Brief aan Jonge Ouders (0-2.5-year-olds), BOTsing (for parents of teenagers up to 17), De Bond, our twice-monthly periodical for families, and our annual Brief aan Jonge Grootouders.

Please note that our services and all of our publications are in Dutch.

Becoming a member

For 40 euro, your family can join the Gezinsbond and enjoy all its benefits.

How to become a member*:

* The Gezinsbond works in partnership with Flanders’ Public Centers for Social Welfare and the Flemish Leisure Time Participation Fund (Fonds Vrijetijdsparticipatie). Please contact either of these organisations for more information about reduced membership fees.